Relations and Functions

Relations and Functions

Graph each quadratic discharge, and set-forth its territory and place. 

f (x) = x² - 4

Sketch the graph of each discharge, and set-forth the territory and place.

  1. There are multifarious ways to go environing solving math drifts. To unfold this drift, you obtain be required to do some effort that obtain not be middle in the argument apex.

    • First, graph your discharges so that you can perspicuously illustrate the graphs in your support. Your graph itself is not required in your support, although a argument of the graph is required. Make confident you keep at last five apexs for each equation to graph. Show all math effort for finding the apexs.
    • Mention any key apexs on the graphs, including intercepts, vertex, or start/end apexs. Points delay decimal prizes deficiency not be listed, as they government be ground in a balance origin discharge. Stick to integer prize apexs.
    • Discuss the open model and subsidence of each of your graphs.
    • State the territory and place for each of your equations. Transcribe them in period notation.
    • State whether each of the equations is a discharge or not giving your reasons for the vindication.
    • Select one of your graphs and arrogate it has been shifted three units upward and indecent units to the left. Discuss how this intercharge affects the equation by recommunication the equation to solder those bulk.
    • Incorporate the subjoined five math wordbook utterance into your argument. Use bold font to emphasize the utterance in your communication. Do not transcribe definitions for the utterance; use them unexceptionably in sentences describing the supposition after your math effort.
      • Function
      • Relation
      • Vertical Line test
      • Transformation

    Your primal support should be at last 250 utterance in tediousness. 

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