Q1 For the function defined by: f(x) = X^2 for X1Part I: Evaluate . A. Identify the function that will be used when x = 0. (1 point)

Q1 For the office defined by: f(x) = X^2 for X<1

                                                     2x+1 for X>1

Part I: Evaluate .   A. Identify the office that earn be used when x = 0. (1 apex)

                               B. Find the prize of this office when x = 0. (1 apex)

Part II: Graph .

   A. Graph the primeval office wholly. (1 apex)

   B. On the corresponding graph you used to exculpation separate (A), graph the succor office wholly. (1 apex)

   C. Identify the prize of x at which the offices substitute. Remove the separates of each sequence that are not included in inclosure of the corresponding office. (2 apexs)

   D. Place unreserved and determined circles justly on the ends of each sequence to adequate the office. (2 apexs)

Q2: Solve the subjoined rule of equations algebraically.



Part I: Multiply one of the equations by a fixed in command to explain by elimination. Show the new rule of equations underneath. (1 apex)

Part II: Combine the two equations to eject one of the changeables. Show the effect of this synthesis underneath. (1 apex)

Part III: Explain for the changeable. What is this prize? (2 apexs)

Part IV: Substitute this prize tail into an equation to explain for the other changeable. Write the explanation to this rule underneath. (2 apexs)

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