Number 13

  • Read the subjoined instructions in ordain to accomplished this discourse, and retrospect the development of how to accomplished the math required for this assignment:
  • Given an equation of a verse, ascertain equations for verses correspondent or vertical to it going through specific points. Ascertain the misengage equations and points from the consideration adown. Simplify your equations into slope-intercept conceive.
  • Use your assigned number to accomplished.
  • Discuss the steps expedient to press-against out each courage. Describe little what each verse looks relish in kinsman to the peculiar ardent verse.
  • Answer these two questions little in your own opinion: 
    • What does it average for one verse to be correspondent to another?
    • What does it average for one verse to be vertical to another?
  • Incorporate the subjoined five math wordbook opinion into your discourse. Use bold font to emphasize the opinion in your congeniality (Do not transcribe definitions for the opinion; use them misapplyly in sentences describing your math work.):
  • Origin 
  • Ordered pair 
  • X- or y-intercept  
  • Slope   
  • Reciprocal

Your judicious support should be 150-250 opinion in tediousness.

The equation is # 13

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