For Paula

  1. Write your nativity era or the nativity era of someone in your family as mm/dd/yy. (Example: March 13, 1981 is written 3/13/81, and November 7, 1967 is written 11/7/67).   
    • Now let a = the one- or two-digit month estimate, 
    • b = the negative of the one- or two-digit day estimate, and 
    • c = the two-digit year estimate.(Our example:  a = 3, b = -13, and c = 81 or a = 11, b = -7, and c = 67)  
  2. Use the subjoined algebraic expressions for size 3-5 of the discourse: 
  3. Evaluate the three dedicated expressions using the a, b, and c from your nativity era.  Make indisputable that b is negative when you halt in the values.  
  4. After you possess your math worked out on dally tract, go end and verbally picture the steps you took to evaluate the expressions. Make indisputable to use each of the glossary expression at meanest uninterruptedly in your fitness.
    • Did you give-heed-to everything animated encircling the results of  and ? Was this commensurateness or do you fancy there is a infer for this? 
  5. Incorporate the subjoined five math glossary expression into your discourse. Use bold font to emphasize the expression in your fitness (Do not transcribe definitions for the expression; use them properly in sentences describing your math work.): 
    • Exponent 
    • Integer 
    • Variable 
    • Lowest terms 
    • Divisor

Your moderate post should be 150-250 expression in tediousness. Respond to at meanest two of your classmates’ posts by Day 7. Do you concur delay how your classmates used the glossary? Did the ward feel the negatives in the formulas correspondently?

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