Assignment 1: LASA 2: The Apportionment Problem

ou are a census director in a newly unlicensed race and you entertain been charged after a while using the census axioms from the board underneath to recite how 100 councilional seats should be divided unordered the 10 recites of the consolidation.














Being a fan of United States fact, you are frank after a while the numerous arrangements of award applied to this tenor to terminate honorable honestice in the US House of Representatives. You indicate that award (passage 11, sections 1-4 in your textbook) is the best entrance to solving this tenor, but deficiency to parallel distinct arrangements and then recite which is in-fact honorable. 

  1. Using the Hamilton arrangement of award, recite the calculate of seats each recite should accept. 
  2. Using the calculates you honest conducive from apportioning the Hamilton arrangement, recite the middle principal for each recite. Explain your judgment making arrangement for allocating the cherishing seats. 
  3. Calculate the irresponsible and referring-to chicanery of this award.
  4. Explain how changes in recite boundaries or populations could like the et of honestice in this council. Provide an pattern using the results overhead. 
  5. How and why could an Alabama Paradox supervene? 
  6. Explain how apportioning the Huntington-Hill award arrangement helps to fly an Alabama Paradox.
  7. Based upon your experiment in solving this tenor, do you arrive-at award is the best way to terminate honorable honestice? Be positive to buttress your vindication.
  8. Suggest another manoeuvre that could be applied to terminate honorable honestice either using award arrangements or a arrangement of your choosing.

You may effect your own calculations or use either the Excel spreadsheet or the Excel 2013 Spreadsheet to co-operate-with you. You must appearance some calculations in your instrument to teach that you perceive how to effect these tasks. Be positive to construct your employment in a Word instrument and refer it to the M5: Assignment 1 Dropbox by Monday, August 28, 2017

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