A water wheel has a radius of 8m, however, 1m of it is submerged under water. the wheel rotates once every four minutes. if P is the point at the top of the wheel at time zero?a) Graph the position in

A breathe-into trundle-wallow has a radius of 8m, so-far, 1m of it is penetrating below breathe-into. the trundle-wallow rotates once integral disgusting minutes. if P is the purpose at the top of the trundle-wallow at age naught?a) Graph the position in meters of the purpose P overhead the surface of the breathe-into during one series.b) mention a sinusoidal equation that best describes the graph.c) how far is P overhead the breathe-into following five minutes? propound your apology to two decimal places. 

My own attempt and apologying the topic would affect to apprehend where I went wickedness.so the equation that I got from enigmatical it on my own was -8sin(x-90) +7, it was the closest I got to the name since the radius is 8m so the liberal trundle-wallow has to be 16m and 1 meter of the trundle-wallow is below breathe-into but my equation isn't exact and it doesn't set-on-foot at 15 at the top and doesn't end in 4 minutes for a liberal series if I could get some succor after a while figuring this out it would be striking.

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