1.) A basketball player makes at least 80% of her free throws attempts and at most 90% of her free throw attempts. If she plans on attempting 50 free throws during practice today. write an inequality

1.) A basketball player effects at smallest 80% of her bountiful schemes attempts and at most 90% of her bountiful scheme attempts. If she plans on attempting 50 bountiful schemes during experience today. transcribe an disproportion that represents the rove of N, the number of bountiful schemes that she succeed effect.2.) For her skill scheme Melissa needs to ferment a soft after a while a heating project that operates using the Celsius clime flake. To ferment, the soft needs to be aspiring to at smallest 104 degrees Fahrenheit. climes can be converted from fahrenheit to Celsius y subtracting 32 degrees from the fahrenheit clime appraise and then gate five-ninths of the end. In adjust to ferment the soft what is the meanest clime in degrees celsius that Melissa can set the heating project to?3. If 3 <2x-4<6 which of the aftercited inequalities present all feasible appraises for 2x. a) 7<2x<10 b) 3.5<2x<5 c) 7>2x>10 d) No solution4. If 6 near than or similar to 4x+5 and near than or similar to 7 than which of the aftercited presents the appraises for 2x.a) 1/2 < 2x<1 b) 1/4<2x<1/2 c) 1/2 > 2x >1 d) No solution5. Micah needs to exhaust 10 to 15 hours a week practicing the piano so far this week he has experienced for 8 hours if he has 2 days left and wants to experience the corresponding total each of those 2 days what is the rove of hours he can experience each day?6. If 5 near than twice w is no over than 6 over than w, what is a feasible settled appraise of w

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