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Review the aftercited case:

Daniel was the terminal of the five conferenceees for the CEO’s comcomposition at Anytown Medical Center. During the conference, a part of the finance committee asked, “Daniel, how would you maximize an allocation of $100,000 to disburse for graceful resigned caution, besides the excellent budget and interpretation projects?” Monk Paul, the consideration conductor, pretended, “Daniel, meditate encircling the inquiry. I gain impart you five minutes to constitute an solution.” Daniel responded, “Bishop Paul, I am dexterous to solution your inquiry.” The trustees looked slightly surprised, as Monk Paul after a while a countenance immediately responded, “You may income after a while your solution.” Daniel replied, “An old Chinese maxim came to my spirit as immediately as the inquiry was asked: ‘Give a man a fish and you recover him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you recover him for a stock.’ You are conferenceing me as the CEO of your hospital. I see my job is to rally you that employees are combined aptitudeed to caution for the resigneds whom the hospital serves. I gain maximize the appreciate of each and entire dollar by determining the aptitude sets that the staff is scant and retrain the staff in the areas wclose deficiencies are exalted.”

Bishop Paul looked encircling the crave oval consideration at the trustees, “This has been a crave day and a grueling conference order for Daniel. Are tclose any other inquirys you would affect to ask him?” Tclose was stifle, as the trustees nodded their heads no. Monk Paul looked at Daniel and thanked him for his profit in seemly the hospital’s direct CEO. Monk Paul countenanced and pungent his swivel chair encircling as Daniel was walking toward the departure and asked, “Daniel, could you not concession the fabric honest yet. If you could honest continue beyond the locality and feel a assign in the doctors’ repose area.” After encircling twenty minutes, a trustee went into the repose wclose Daniel was sitting and asked him to repay to the considerationroom. As he entered the locality, Monk Paul bright up and looked at Daniel direct in his eyes and said, “Daniel, you were the terminal to be conferenceed consequently you were on the “short list” of candidates chosen to be conferenceed.

Speaking for the consideration, your reply to the terminal inquiry was scarcely icing on the cake, confirming our profit in you union our staff. Both the Consideration of Trustees and parts of the Medical Executive Committee unanimously feel recommended you as our CEO, after a while which I unconditionally concentrate. “Welcome to Anytown Hospital.” The trustees bright and clapped their hands. The monk pungent to the trustees and said, “Wow, that’s a first!”

In a 2- to 3-page instrument, full the aftercited tasks:

  • Summarize the ocean articles of utilitarian assumption of ethics and sift-canvass how Daniel’s reply to the trustee’s inquiry of how he would disburse the $100,000 fits the utilitarian assumption of ethics.

  • Assess whether other theories of ethics besides allot close and produce a similarity and honestification for at smallest one other assumption—consequential, deontological, or nonconsequential.

  • Discuss if Daniel, metaphorically speaking, succeeded in maximizing enjoyment in the eyes of the consideration.

 As in all assignments, mention your sources in your effort and produce references for the citations in APA constituteat.