Employee well-being executive summary | masters | Rasmussen College System

Deliverable 1 - Employee Victory Supporter Employee victory supporter abstractSummary


Evaluate formal proceeding and specimen theories and practices to improve particular and formal exploit.


The Chief HR Officer has orderly a new ace in the Human Resources Department to standpoint on increasing employee victory in the form, and you enjoy been remunerated to control the exertion, as the new Director of Organizational Development. The Chief HR Officer conquer be presenting to the supporter specimen team a overture to begin diverse measures in this area and has assigned you the lesson of preparing an supporter abstract for the specimen team arguing for the moment of establishing a interrupted examine, which measures employee attitudes and victory  in the form.


Prepare an supporter abstract that:

  • Selects and defends the standpoint of the examine (for specimen, amends, pledge, or a irrelative unsteady).
  • Details the impression of employee victory on productivity, profitability, and the customer proof.
  • Demonstrates the demand to benchmark examine consequences resisting competitors in the toil.
  • Outlines the steps in the government and evaluation rule of the examine.
  • Describes the message intent to circulate the consequences to the form.
  • Explains how proficiency on any changes made as a consequence conquer be monitored and measured for victory.
  • Provides attribution for trustworthy sources used in the supporter abstract