we need to create managerial dashboard on excel and also using access we wanted to do the group project on “highliner foods” However if you find any supply chain in nova scotia and create a excel man


we demand to produce managerial dashboard on abound and to-boot using bearing 

we wanted to do the order plan on "highliner foods"

However if you experience any give obligation in nova scotia and produce a abound managerial dashboard and bearing dashboard 

We demand a written announce on the give obligation that we enjoy unconnectedd.

Project guideline Creating Managerial Dashboards 1. Notes (gladden interpret carefully): • This is a order plan. Make safe all of the members in a order are efficiently and effectively participating in the plan. • The selfselfsame order that are rouseed on assignment conquer remain rouseed on the plan. • Spend your term for this plan. It conquer be an asset when you rouse your job in coming. • You demand to (1) succumb a written announce and allied abound and bearing rasps, (2) ad a video offer, and finally (3) confer-upon your plan for the assort in MS Teams. • Type your plan in a Microsoft Word rasp, and succumb your announce to allied minority on Moodle by Dec. 2, 2020. Gladden ensafe appertinent grammar and spelling is used. • The primary page of your disintegration rasp must understand primary call, terminal call, and the novice ID of your team members, and your team enumerate. • Late inferioritys conquer not be legitimate. • Only one inferiority per team is required. • Using bullets is preferred rather than covet sentences. 2. Plan description: [1] Chosen a give obligation (SC) in NS, and appropriate one effect from the SC. [2] Select/search some datasets allied to the unconnectedd SC. The past realistic dataset is, the past ancilla conquer be your contemplated disintegration in march [3] and [4]. Succumb the dataset at the end. [3] Define 10 decisions in your give obligation including Strategic, Tactical, and Operational levels. You are most pleasant to chosen past. [4] Produce a managerial dashboard for managers fixed on unconnectedd decisions in march [3]. Make safe the dashboard aids managers in stipulations of clarity, graphics, and comprehensiveness. [5] Explain how your dashboard could aid managers for the unconnectedd decisions. Prove it delay some applications and examples from your dataset allied to the unconnectedd effect and SC. [6] Produce the dashboard in Abound and Bearing (two unconnected rasps). 3. Items to be understandd in the offer: • At terminal 4 novices in each order should enjoy the hazard of vocal offer. • Each offer is purposed for 13 minutes forthcoming 2 minutes for questions. • The offer should be soften and undesigning. The other orders should acquire some helpful points from confer-uponers. 4. Items to be understandd in the written announce: • Each announce should harangue marchs [1] to [5]. • There is no page proviso for the announce; thus-far, the announce can be betwixt 10-15 pages. • A PDF rasp, as courteous as a unyielding portraiture of the written announce, should be succumbted up to the terminal scheduled offer (Dec 2, 2020) to the educator. • You should upload your YouTube rasp by the primary day of offers, using the forthcoming call format: “MGSC5800-20-Fall2020-Your Order Number”. 5. Offer end and term: • Terminal day of the assort (Dec. 2, 2020) is the end for your offer. • You conquer confer-upon in the succession of your order enumerate.

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