“Please see Attachment to complete assignment” Your readings for this week illustrate the fact that there are several components to the auditing process. Perform additional research on the claims audi


"Please see Attachment to finished assignment"

Your readings for this week image the occurrence that there are diverse ingredients to the auditing order. Perform added discovery on the claims auditing order and transcribe a 1-2 tractate which explains the 9 stride s of the claims audit order and expone how each (step) ingredient is certain to product contemporaneously to correct the claims surrender order.

You must allusion at lowest two discovery origins (Wikipedia is not an sportive discovery origin) in your tractate, and involve misdirect citations for those origins.

Submit your finishedd assignment by subjoined the directions incorporateed beneath. Please cohibit the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word instrument.

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