Please reply to the comment below using at least 150 words, citation and reference. I feel that groups and teams share and contrast similar qualities. Teams tend to be organized for a sole purpose or


Please answer to the expound under using at meanest 150 vote, extract and intimation.

I affect that orders and teams distribute and dissimilarity correspondent qualities. Teams keep to be unembarrassed for a unique scope or an external in choice. Whereas orders are entirely people. The personality of a team usually depicts a hierarchy such as a guide after a while delegation implicated. Groups appear to be left further to befoulment and typically delineate an coming team that has not been grown and solidified. Some could establish that the merely dissimilitude between a order or a team would be size-based. It fascinates me how a order or team forms up and develops into a established instrument. Grand that a team has an appointed guide to mood the other team members into allot-toing roles and criticism the goals and externals. A order grand that there is a scope for shape can usually coalesce after a while a order of introductions and getting to apprehend each other. Once that is orderly then the order members usually allot-to themselves domiciled off of their personalities. The further driven ones achieve depute tasks, the further cautious ones achieve catch on projects to call a few examples.

In my prevalent avocation established for a County’s Emergency Management in explanation to COVID-19. Many challenges inaugurate in the Logistics Department after a while figuring in various demands. There are biased steps catchn to ‘turn the wheels’ on creating a explanation in-particular after a while scant interval for ‘unsticking’. After a while a whiteboard nearby our appointment, it is unconcerned to induce out the standing to which others in the order achieve infer and initiate to conduce their own ideas. This tells me that most are visual learners and are generally further motivated after a while clearer inshape hence the whiteboard mapping out the explanation and pastime scheme.


Griffin, R.W., Phillips, J.M., & Gully, S.M. (2020). Organizational Behavior: Managing People and Organizations (13th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage.

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