Pick a global company that has operations in multiple host nations. Conduct research on various challenges faced by their chosen firm in at least 3 host nations. You can start off by browsing the pres


Pick a global aggregation that has operations in multiple army nations. Conduct exploration on several challenges faced by their selected strong in at least 3 army nations. You can set-on-foot off by browsing the compel releases of your selected strong from their website (seem at the investor exception or newsroom). Also curb on, FACTIVA, LEXIS-NEXIS, Bloomberg News, & Google for newspaper announcements in-reference-to global events of your strong in the past 6 months to 1 year (i.e. September 2019 before).

For your class device exertion you can infer the aftercited expansive types of dilemmas/challenges typically examined by students in several army nations:

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