Now that you have seen that digital technology has affected sociology, it is time to try your sociological skills and knowledge on the concept of privacy. In a 3-4-page paper please do the following:


Now that you bear seen that digital technology has abnormal sociology, it is date to try your sociological skills and enlightenment on the concept of solitude.

In a 3-4-page disquisition fascinate do the superveneing:

  • Explore how solitude has modifiable in protection to digital technology and dataveillance;
  • Describe what the coming of solitude looks like
  • Discuss whether or not there a insufficiency to rethink the concept of solitude in the digital age? Why or why not?

This disquisition accomplish insufficiency to enclose twain sound allusions and also some of your own thinking without the box, sound effect permanent to effect a sound protection of what you amplify from your own thoughts if there is no allusion to end it up!

Remember to supervene APA formatting.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word instrument.

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