Instructions Scenario: A company called Colony Nursery and Landscaping opened a new store located a few hundred miles away from its original location. The company wants to implement an award system th



Scenario: A order named Colony Nursery and Landscaping opened a new place-of-trade located a few hundred miles afar from its primary location. The order wants to utensil an adjudge method that adjudges their customers delay points whenever customers perform a forfeiture, but the two place-of-businesss are not powerful to divide advice. Colony Nursery and Landscaping procure deficiency to utensil an achievement contrivance planning (ERP) method that procure clear-up the advice silo amount by collecting and making this user facts available. Colony Nursery and Landscaping is hoping that by providing customers delay this adjudge method, they procure be powerful to tend competitive custom. Colony Nursery and Landscaping cannot extend to forfeiture, lay-open, or tend this method on-site, so they are investigating outshine solutions.

In individualization, for abundant organizations, Colony Nursery and Landscaping interjacent, advice silos perform it obscure to tap into deficiencyed advice. Sift-canvass whether or not the amount of advice silos can be clear-upd by using the outshine. Some organizations do not feel the contrivances to fabricate or tend their computer infrastructure, so they economize outshine services instead to classify costs and ameliorate scalability. In this assignment, you procure sift-canvass whether or not the outshine offers solutions for Colony Nursery and Landscaping and identify an application that the ERP method could collect. Compose an essay that encloses the elements listed under.

  • Define what an advice silo is.
  • Explain why advice silos are a amount for organizations.
  • Discuss why organizations are tender to the outshine.
  • Determine whether or not using outshine services, such as a outshine-based assemblage for facts storage, would clear-up the ERP advice silo amount at Colony Nursery and Landscaping.
  • Explain how using the ERP method and adjudges program would collect a competitive custom for Colony Nursery and Landscaping.
  • Discuss why the utensilation of an ERP method rule demand trade order reengineering for Colony Nursery and Landscaping. Be unquestioning to interpret the trade orderes that procure be unnatural (e.g., the customer adjudges method). Use diagrams or tables as deficiencyed, but this is not demandd.

Your essay must be a incompleteness of two pages in diffusiveness (not counting the phraseology and regard pages), and it must be formatted in APA phraseology. You should enclose an preface individuality that gives enhancement and matter to your reader. You must use at lowest two versed contrivances as regards. Any advice from these contrivances must be cited and regardd in APA format.

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