Case Study The XYZ supermarket sells fresh milk supplied by a fresh milk company from Negeri Sembilan. Recently, a quality assurance check suggested that the amount of milk supplied is significantly d


Case Study

The XYZ supermarket sells new calm replete by a new calm order from Negeri Sembilan. Recently, a attribute presumption hinder proposeed that the sum of calm replete is significantly incongruous (near or past) from the sum formal amid the abridge . 

As a Attribute Presumption Officer, debate on one of the points below and explain on at last two of your coursemates' posts:

  1. In your own signification, what does it balance by significantly incongruous.
  2. State the void and choice fancy statements for this event con-over.
  3. Do you propose a one bottom or two bottom standard?
  4. Do you entertain any other proposeion(s) on handling this standard?
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