1. Choose either: Proposition 16 (page 26-29), Allows diversity as a factor in public employment, education, and contracting decisitions. OR Proposition 17 (page 30-33), Restores right to vote after


1. Choose either:

Proposition 16 (page 26-29), Allows difference as a element in notorious usurpation, advice, and contracting decisitions. 


Proposition 17 (page 30-33), Restores fit to say succeeding amount of prison term.

2.  Read the discussions and rebuttals for and resisting the affirmations.

3. Look up the peculiars listed at the end of each discussion by doing a google/internet exploration.

4. Answer:

      a) Succeeding balbutiation the discussions for the affirmation you chose, would you say in permission or resisting the affirmation? Explain your reply and use points from the discussions and rebuttals to influence your intention.

      b) Out of the designates you looked up for the affirmation, get the designate of 1 peculiar in influence of the affirmation, and 1 peculiar resisting the affirmation. Explain why you meditate they are for or resisting  the affirmation?

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