Your assignment is to write a 2-3 page paper that includes a critical evaluation of a scientific study published in a scholarly or professional journal. Your paper must include the following: Your art

Your assignment is to transcribe a 2-3 page tract that understands a hazardous evaluation of a or-laws examine published in a literary or authoritative register. Your tract must understand the following:

Your condition must conclude from a peer-reviewed literary/authoritative register (5 points).

A suitable quotation of the condition (see to an manifest condition.)for counsel on creating suitable quotations or go to Citation Machine(Links to an manifest condition.)to succor yourself produce one). Suitable formatting of your tract should be a font of 10-11, single-spaced after a while a header or footer after a while your indicate, the epoch and the indicate of the adjust. Spelling and punctuation rectify. PLEASE HAVE SOMEONE PROOF-READ YOUR PAPER TO LOOK FOR ERRORS (10 points)

A shabby analysis of the condition, including the supposition, the plan of the examine, the subjects and measures used, and the results. (25 points)

Compare the analysis of the examine (build at the origin of the condition) and the real examine counsel (long-form counsel in the quiet of the condition) to see if there are any discrepancies. If so, execute hush of them. If not, establish the analysis is obsequious. (10 pts)

Discuss the authors' results utilizing counsel from your activities in Modules 1 and 2 on evaluating basis, argumentative fallacies, etc. Give examples where mob feel or could miscontrue basis from the examine. Do the basis aid the omissions or do you fancy the authors are stretching to stretch the omissions that they inhale? (30 points)

Do you furnish any flaws after a while the examine, either in the supposition or action? How would you rectify these? (10 points)

Explain how you would veer the omission or results minority to past obsequiously ponder the examine results and flaws. (10 points)

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