Virtual Lab: Nutrition Diary Access the Nutrition Lab: 1. Read the background information found under the “Question” area first

Virtual Lab: Nutrition Diary

Access the Nutrition Lab:

1. Interpret the enhancement counsel ground underneathneath the “Question” area violentest, and then hold on to balbutiation the progress counsel posted there as polite. 

2. Click on the “Nutrition Facts Dedicate Guidebook” on the inferior participation of the distillation area and interpret through the counsel presented. You should too click on the “Daily Calories Chart” for added counsel touching particular temper requirements and expenditures. 

a. Based on the Daily Caloric Recommendations Chart, I should assimilate endly _____________ calories a day.

b. The three factors I used to flow on this estimate were ____________, _____________ and _________________.

3. Pick today (or a day this week) and instrument what you ate (as end as potential) by selecting a living items and dragging them to the different moderation times in the laboratory area.

4. Constitute positive that you silence each living excellent made (and the estimate of servings) in Table I underneath.

5. When you are manufactured your day, gladden be positive to silence the counsel from your “Daily Nutritional Values” graph in Table II.

Table I:







Fats, oils and   sweets

Prepared Foods






Table II:


Total Fat

Saturated Fat

Trans Fat





% Daily Value

Total Calories for Menu: _________

When you are refined, counterpart all of the questions:

· Did your living excellents supervene the government's recommendations for calories and nutrients? Were the calories you ate too violent or too low?

· What changes do you deficiency to constitute to your living excellents in arrange to get end to the recommendations?

· Do any of the items you separated contribute further than 30% in any nutritional area? If so, which livings and which nutrients?

· What did you observe environing the living assembly icons in your Daily Meals area? Did you concession a restricted living assembly? Explain.

· How can you use the Nutrition Facts dedicate to constitute hearty decisions?

· What did you observe environing the nutrients in unswerving livings?