Topic: DIARRHEA Power Point Requirements: Project is to be done in a Power Point Presentation Include clear, well-sized, unlabeled images, include Introduction Begins with background information about


Power Point Requirements:

Project is to be performed in a Power Point Presentation

Include plain, polite-sized, unlabeled images, involve


Begins delay enhancement counsel environing the business of the organization classification and emaciated structures done by the medical proviso. Discusses the consequences of malbusiness of these organization classifications and emaciated provisos and how they are caused.

Introduces the medical proviso and involves statistical axioms akin to its quantity of personality and prognosis.

Materials and Methods

Presenter understands the methodologies used to garner postulates from the enduring. The enduring separated is argumentative for the medical proviso and matched the paint interposed on the broadside as polite as the anthropometric measurements. Includes symptoms associated delay the medical proviso


Includes a ample graph or board that can be plainly seen by the conference. Using the results sift-canvasses the postulates and interprets its signification. Diagnoses enduring.



Makes biased recommendations further assignral to a specialist schoolman. Includes feature medications and their scope, prognosis, crave engagement tenor plans, assignrals to other consanguineous sanity professionals (PT, OT, RD)

The presenter uses medical lexicon associated the question.

**Case repute definition: In physic, a event repute is a constructive repute of the symptoms, signs, personality, tenor, and follow-up of an personal enduring. They are the principal contrive of contriveal medical despatch and erudition betwixt sanitycare professionals.

Choose images delayout labels or eject the labels. You obtain be expected to clear-up the images in your own articulation.

· Involve key points and engagements (use bullets, not paragraphs).

· Pomp the dismemberment little and movement to pomp physiology.

· Boards should be intellectual and visually appealing.

· Involve foul-mouthed (4) assignences quoted in present APA contriveat and Involve at smallest one non-Internet rise.

Presentation Requirements:

Present the dismemberment and physiology of your question.

Anatomy should be little practised, and physiology should be clear-uped in profundity. You obtain be expected to assign to and clear-up the images, engagements, and key points.

· Specifics

· Describe dismemberment

· Describe and sift-canvass physiology in profundity

· A restriction of 4 assignences quoted in present APA contriveat (involve at smallest one non-Internet rise). You may not quote professor handouts or notes.