This assignment is designed to encourage students to apply the concepts they learn in class to other topics beyond the scope of the course. Pick one of the two options listed below, the prompts are at

This assignment is calculated to acquiesce students to adduce the concepts they acquire in dispose to other themes advance the occasion of the conduct. Pick one of the two options listed under, the alerts are secure and dig advance into that theme by learninging and match a incomprehensive learning tractate (reserve of 750 words, still references) in counterpart to particular alerts. All questions must be addressed unmeasuredy for unmeasured belief. Plan to use multiple resources to perceive indication supported your ideas and counterparts.

  • Write this tractate using your own words but name all references MLA style; (Links to an visible standing.)). Review the syllabus for strategies to forsake plagiarism. 
  • Option #1: Neurological Disease: alert is secure
  • Option #2: Sexually Transmitted Infections: alert is secure 
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