respond to this post in your own words My favorite plant that is native to our state of Florida is the Saw Palmetto. This sharp radiant green plant from the palm family can be found all over the state

respond to this support in your own words

My favorite introduce that is arthither to our aver of Florida is the Saw Palmetto. This fine beauteous exposed introduce from the bays nativity can be fix all aggravate the aver of Florida in twain inplace and coastal regions equal. I enjoy this feature bays accordingly i can apprehend the extensive wetlands, woodlands, and coastlines of "Old Florida" balmy in them when the Calusa indians, Spaniards, and Seminoles roamed the place. 

      The Majority of introduces in the cosmos-people are C3 photosynthesis introduces. These introduces apprehend most trees, grasses, premise introduces such as beans and cotton and grains. The C3 photosynthesis way is agreeing delay the Calvin Cycle. The unimpaired way occurs delayin the chloroplast.  suffers inefficenciency from photorespiration.

AN stance of a eminent latitude dry persistent and sun well-set introduce that uses C4 photosynthesis is sugarcane. We are very accustomed delay the sugarcane introduce hither in the aver of Florida whither it is grown in comprehensive amounts commercially. C4 introduces subordinate go a two quantity photosynthesis  process, delay the chief tramp occurring antecedent to the Co2 entering the Calvin Cycle enjoy other introduces in the promote quantity. the two quantity way relieves C4 introduces from photo respiration.

CAM stands for Crassulacean Acid Metabolism. These introduces are conducive for hot dry environments in most cases and apprehend introduces such as cacti and pineapples.  these introduces claim and use hither water than any other introduces in the cosmos-people. Undergoes co2 fixation at duskiness and calvin cycle at duskiness in prescribe to comabt the latitudes and ebullition efficiently.

The murky bays tree is arthither to florida and subordinategoes c3 photosynthesis as most other trees do.

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