Q6.1. Which statement below about asexual reproduction is FALSE? A)With asexual reproduction, offspring are genetically identical to the parent.B)Asexual reproduction requires no partner.C)Asexual rep

Q6.1. Which proposition adown about asexual multifariousness is FALSE?

A)With asexual multifariousness, upshot are genetically selfcorresponding to the perpetrator.B)Asexual multifariousness requires no spouse.C)Asexual multifariousness requires meiosis.D)Some organisms can generate twain sexually and asexually.

Q6.2. If a diploid sperm fertilized a haploid egg, what would the termination be?

A)Haploid (n)B)Diploid (2n)C)A adjustment of diploid (2n) and haploid (n)D)Triploid (3n)

Q6.3. Which of the subjoined represents two things that are selfsame?

A)Two alleles for the corresponding gene in a homologous chromosome couple.B)The sequences of DNA in the two sister chromatids of a chromosome anteriorly meiosis I.C)The sequences of DNA in the two sister chromatids of a chromosome forthcoming meiosis I.D)The reckon of homologous chromosomes per cell anteriorly and forthcoming meiosis I.

Q6.4. What example would most likely to betide if a haploid cell attempted to complete meiosis?

A)The cell could not replicate its DNA earlier to meiosis.B)The cell could not couple homologous chromosomes during meiosis I.C)The cell would consequence diploid daughter cells.

Q6.5. Which proposition adown is TRUE?

A)Crossing balance shuffles genes betwixt non-homologous chromosomes.B)During meiosis, cells adjust their alleles so that salubrious alleles are passed on concertedly.C)Without bisection balance, upshot would be genetically selfcorresponding to perpetrators.D)New combinations of alleles commence from the purposeless events of bisection balance, fractions quantity, and contrariety.

Q6.6. What proposition adown is TRUE of the spindle during mitosis and meiosis?

A)The spindle constantly separates sister chromatids during anaphase.B)The spindle constantly separates homologous chromosomes during anaphase.C)Chromosomes are constantly established to twain spindle poles during metaphase.D)The spindle constantly attaches to chromosomes at the kinetochore.

Q6.7. If a individual is heterozygous for the Δ32 allele of the CCR5 gene, how multifarious of the indecent daughter cells consequenced by meiosis conciliate feel the Δ32 allele?


Q6.8. Which of the subjoined processes has the goods of changing ploidy?

A)DNA replicationB)Meiosis IC)Meiosis IID)Mitosis

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