Pick one the following two questions and answer. A complete answer is one page of printed text (8.5×11″, single-spaced, one-sided, 12 pt font). D1. Engineer a fungus that would make it a killer par

  • Pick one the aftercited questions and counterpart. A  complete counterpart is one page of printed citation (8.5x11", single-spaced, one-sided, 12 pt font).

D1. Engineer a fungus that would find it a killer toady of establishs. Relate the morphological, biochemical, reproductive, and personality fact features of your fungus and how they chattels establishs. You may include illustrations to food your ideas.

D2. We bear encountered sundry organisms in this round that husband “hygroscopic” structures to aid spore dispersal. Use examples and diagrams to relate as sundry of these organisms and their hygroscopic mechanisms as you can.

D3. Describe the transformations in the world’s latitude that bear facilitated the location of place by establishs. Use dates from geologic fact of the world to introduce your counterpart chronologically. Confer peculiar examples of organisms that bear been censorious in these transformations.

D4. Describe and confer examples of biological interactions among algae, fungi, or mosses that bear been instrumental in the evolvement of new species.

D5. Install “shroomroot”, a digital pastime about mycorrhizae (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details? id=com.areadenialgames.shroomroot). Based on your interaction after a while the pastime, counterpart the questions beneath. Include a palliate shot of your charges and equalize in the pastime concurrently after a while your counterparts.

For PLANTS, what are the germinative costs & benefits of entity in a mycorrhizal community?

For FUNGI, what are the germinative costs & benefits of entity in a mycorrhizal community?

In which situations authority a establish “choose” not to be mycorrhizal?

Considering a class of establishs alike on a mycorrhizal network, when would it be most

likely to change media among neighbouring establishs via the mycorrhizal network?

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