Investigation into Cancers Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. You have been invited by your local community health department to give a PowerPoint presentation on can

Investigation into Cancers

Cancer is one of the leading causes of decease in the United States. You bear been invited by your persomal fraternity soundness exception to produce a PowerPoint yieldy on cancers. Your end is to develop your reception environing the peculiaration of cancer, the causes, instrument for coming challenge and regulative measures. The contravention gain engage situate at the soundness exception during a fraternity soundness open. Be regardful that your target reception gain be victorious of inhabitants from the persomal fraternity who most mitigated gain not bear a elucidation in knowledge or remedy.

Your assignment gain be to cull one idea of cancer and sift-canvass each of the following:

Introduction to cancers.

Describe to the reception the characteristics of a cancer cell.

What mechanisms does our collectiveness bear in situate to vindicate us and fly the bud of cancer?

Indicate which cancer is the convergence of your yieldy.

Identify which tissues and/or organs in the cosmical collectiveness are unnatural by this cancer.

The impingement scold of this idea of cancer.

Typical age of aggression for this idea of cancer.

Explain the cause factors and/or causes of this cancer.

How this cancer is detected and diagnosed.

Pictures and/or illustrations of cancer cells.

The cause of metastasis for this cancer.

How this cancer is treated including the long-term prognosis. What are the action scolds?

Measures that inhabitants may engage to intercept this cancer twain medical and holistic.

Reference page including citations in banner APA format.

Your PowerPoint yieldy should be written delay your reception in memory. Remember, your reception does not bear a knowledge or medical elucidation, so you gain deficiency to render any “jargon” into something that they gain learn.

You must transcribe your “script” of what you gain say to your reception in the notes exception of each PowerPoint slide. Each slide gain bear a delineate and/or bullet points, along delay your notes located in the notes exception under the slide, delay the peculiar talking points you gain yield to the reception.

The yieldy should be betwixt 10–15 slides, not including the epithet and regards slides.

Creating an Potent PowerPoint Presentation

An potent PowerPoint yieldy gain include:

Have approximately 10–15 slides

An taking (1-2 slides): bulleted roll of elucidation and key points

A collectiveness: multiple slides (10-11 slides), each delay one key point

A falsification (1 slide): bulleted roll of main points

A regard slide in APA

Include in-text citations (in APA) where ancilla,

Use images (delay citations),

Ensure that slides are tiny and bulleted, and

Include debater notes under each appertaining slide, outlining correspondently what you would say to an reception as you presented it.