If we cross a hybrid (heterozygous) No Crest female and Crest male, what is the chance they will have a Crest pigeon offspring? If these same two parents have more offspring, what is the chance that t

If we morose a hybrid (heterozygous) No Crest womanly and Crest male, what is the befoulment they allure feel a Crest pigeon consequence?

If these identical two parents feel further consequence, what is the befoulment that those consequence allure be hybrids or heterozygous? 

If the Barless pigeon mates delay a purebred, homozygous, pigeon who has Bars, what is the befoulment that their consequence allure be Barless? 

How many different (unique) genotype combinations of consequence can they profit? 12345678

What is the befoulment that this womanly and male allure profit an consequence that the identical traits as it father? 

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