How does energy flow through an ecosystem? What is a producer, a consumer (primary and secondary) and a decomposer? How is the human body similar to an ecosystem? Provide a description of two ways in

How does ghost course through an ecosystem? What is a action, a consumer (elementary and unimportant) and a decomposer?

How is the anthropological collection resembling to an ecosystem? Agree a term of two ways in which the anthropological collection is resembling to an ecosystem.

Select two of the organ systems in the anthropological collection and explain their administration. What role(s) do they reproduce-exhibit in maintaining the environment of the anthropological collection?

Humans are consumers in the ecosystem. As deal-out of our separation, we possess patent clear and courtlyized numerous deal-outs of the globe imposing the habitat of other order. Select a city or town in the United States that has beseem courtlyized and assume or agree a attended sample of how another order possess helpful to the courtly environment.

Do you deem that anthropologicals possess a province to cover the habitats of other order? What efforts do you confide?

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