For a maximum of 10 points (1 missed lab equivalent), you may write a minimum 2 page (12 font, double-spaced) research paper on a medical condition, including citations (not counted toward 2 pg minimu

For a zenith of 10 points (1 missed lab equiponderant), you may transcribe a stint 2 page (12 font, double-spaced) exploration article on a medical stipulation, including citations (not reckoned inside 2 pg stint), including a paltry truth (1 paragraph) on the indication of the stipulation, diagnosis (internal symptoms, concrete signs, laboratory and tangible exam symptom tools and findings), composition options and prognosis (expected coming) for mob patronage after a while the stipulation. Spelling, rhetoric and punctuation all reckon so delight feel someone proofread your article precedently you suggest it under.

I await that you gain husband professional literary-works in your citations, such as exploration doctrines set on, The Mayo Clinic or the Merck Manual. Wikipedia and WebMD are not real media for literary doctrines. If you are unsure if a fount is probable, ask me. A good-tempered-tempered administration of thumb is to use websites after a while the following: .edu, .gov or sometimes a .org if the construction is given to exploration/fund encouragement (such as the American Cancer Society or Cystic Fibrosis Foundation). A website conclusion in .com is a commercial website and probably is promoting favoring notice to blessing themselves (fabricate currency) as a commercial deed.

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