Develop an analogy between the cell and an institution or structure that you are familiar with. For example, you could relate the cell to a school. In this analogy, the principal would be analogous to

Develop an similarity among the cell and an literature or edifice that you are everyday delay. For stance, you could recite the cell to a instruct. In this similarity, the first would be resembling to the center.As you compose your similarity, be knowing to: Involve all the organelles in the cell. Recite each organelle to a contrariant segregate of your similarity. Describe the capacity of each organelle. Justify the preoption of your similarity.Your similarity should be spiritual and peculiar. You earn compose a six- to nine-slidePowerPoint bestowal that showcases your similarity. Be knowing to involve a designation slide and a intimation slide delay all of the sources used in the bestowal in general APA Style.

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