Assignment InstructionsPick one of the following four case studies and respond to the questions. Your response should be 300 words or more. Be sure to use references (APA formatting is suggested) to s

Assignment InstructionsPick one of the behindcited impure condition studies and rejoin to the investigations. Your confutation should be 300 tone or further. Be enduring to use references (APA formatting is suggested) to patronage your answers. Here is an palliable reference: 1: VitaminsRoger is a starting protector on his seed-plot basketball team. He is a guide on his team, stays behind achievement to composition on his shots, and is occupied delay academic and commonwealth personality on campus. Beproducer of his hectic schedule, he has pigmy era for fast artificening, grocery shopping, and patronage making-ready. Dinner is usually appropriated at the athletics trailing board during the week, and the quiet of his fasts are costumed either at residence or at topical quietaurants. A 3-day patronage archives kept by Roger recently was analyzed using a sustentation software program. The segregation orthodox adjustall essential-quality intake was not convocation his estimated needs, and vitamins A, C, and folate were consistently low throughout the three days. The quiet of the vitamins and minerals met the narrowness RDA or AI requirements. What investigations should you ask Roger about his customary daily sustenance? What praiseations do you own for Roger to correct his sustenanceary intake of vitamins and his essential-quality intake? How can you aid Roger coalesce these praiseations?ORCase 2: MineralsAnne participates in triathlons. Recently, in a half-Ironman family, she conversant disgust, intestinal cramping, and diarrhea on the run, accidental to penniless achievement. The aggregate family took her almost 6.5 hours. During the bike interest, she appropriated 100 oz of a proportionately new sports beverage that she has been trailing delay this year, as well-behaved-behaved as two gels. On the run, she appropriated sips of the sports beverage granted on the way but switched adjust to impart uninterruptedly she agoing experiencing disgust, cramping, and diarrhea. She was frustrated by her achievement and wants to enenduring that it does not supervene again. You ask Anne to adduce in the new sports beverage she has been consuming so that you can resurvey the Supplement Facts dedicate. Per 8 oz. serving, the behindcited nutrients are granted: 60 calories, 15 g carbohydrates, 0 g protein, 0 g fat, 100 mg sodium, 50 mg calcium, 30 mg magnesium, and 100 mg potassium. What could be a immanent producer of Anne’s disgust, intestinal cramping, and diarrhea during the family? How does Anne’s new sports beverage assimilate delay others on the traffic? What praiseations would you bestow to Anne to intercept the symptoms from occurring in coming familys?ORCase 3: FluidsChad is a collegiate lacrosse player in Arizona. During the preseason and in-season trailing, the team procure achievement for hours, frequently in 80- to 90-degree sky. The coach incorporates introducey breaks during achievement; ultimately, he allows the athletes to appropriate barely impart. The coach believes that sports beverages above achievement and hence forbids the athletes to appropriate them. The athletes bewail of passion inconspicuous, lethargic, and lunatic by the end of achievements. What are the problems in this scenario? What should the athletes do to impress meliorate throughout their achievements? What hydration principles should the athletes prosper?ORCase 4: Moment ManagementIan is an 18-year-old gymnast trailing in a secret gym delay divers other male and womanly gymnasts. He is competing at an past roll and is likely to frame the direct Olympic team. Lately, he has been decision some of his adjust and ability moves on the rings and correspondent bars further up-hill. He has past through a bit of a development spurt and has effected closely 5 pounds adjust the ultimate year. He suspects the moment effect is causing his achievement up-hillies. He decides to try a moment damage program that procure aid you cause moment anteriorly his direct big rivalry in six weeks. He is not enduring how divers calories to appropriate and hence, arbitrarily firm to eat 1,500 kcal per day. Which assessments are required to enumerate whether Ian needs to cause moment? What archearchetype of sustenance and training artifice would you praise for Ian? What subjoined concerns do you own for Ian’s vigor and sports achievement?Overview of Grading Rubric:Points (100 aggregate)Content33Answered each investigation for the selected condition22Question confutations are massive and thoughtful15References used to patronage answer10Free of style and spelling errors10Greater than 300 tone10Submitted by the due date

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