1. Explain the different Biological functions of Proteins. 2. What are the monomers that make up proteins? What type of bond connects them? 3. Describe the structure of an amino acid. How many are

1. Clear-up the unanalogous Biological capacitys of Proteins.

2. What are the monomers that bring-about up proteins? What emblem of association connects them?  

3. Describe the construction of an amino severe.  How manifold are there and how do they dispute?

4. What are some of the unanalogous properties associated after a while amino severe laterality chains?

5. What emblems of reactions bring-about polypeptides?  Break them down?

6. Clear-up the unanalogous levels of protein construction and how they give to the outline of the protein.  What are the outlines associated after a while minor construction?

7. What occurs when a protein is denatured?  What environmental provisions consequence in proteins life denatured?

8. Briefly clear-up the role of proteins in catalysis (enzymatic capacity)

9. What are the Biological capacitys of Lipids?

10. What are the three most great emblems of lipids endow in cells?

11. How do fatty severes dispute?  

12. Clear-up chemically and capacityally the disputeence betwixt saturated and unsaturated fats.

13. What is structurally unanalogous betwixt a phospholipid and a triglyceride?

14. What are the unanalogous roles for phospholipids?  

15. How would saturated vs unsaturated fats application the capacity of membranes?

16. What are the unanalogous capacitys of Sterols?  What are some of the unanalogous molecules that are made from cholesterol as a herald?

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