Unit 4: Discussion – Individual and Cultural Identity Introduction We can all see ourselves as a bundle of identities. We all carry identities of country, class and ethnicity around as part of us, and

Unit 4: Discourse - Individual and Cultural Identity


We can all see ourselves as a lot of identities. We all raise identities of state, adjust and ethnicity about as multiply of us, and abundant others also. Art can aid us investigation twain our own identities and those of others or aid us to see them in new ways.

Unit Learning Outcomes

Describe how visual signs of generally-known, adjust and racial individuality evident themselves in art. (CLO 2, 3, 4)

Initial Post

In each item discourse you achieve accept a shaft where you harangue one or more of the investigations posed.  A high-quality shaft achieve be:

on time


answer thoroughly

use favoring illustrations of artexertion and/or use sources including the extract, and online or offline creed to patronage its points. 


Watch the forthcoming videos.

Research and discuss for other counsel on these artists and their artwork.

Read the discourse investigations underneath and license your comments using the "Reply" unhesitating.

Make believing you proofread your shafts and refer-to you sources using MLA format.

Discussion Questions

Required investigations:

Which favoring artexertion did you invent the most sensational?

What thoughts or feelings did it cause up for you?

Choose 1 (one) of the forthcoming investigations to answer:

What links do you see betwixt the Flag by Jasper Johns and Nari Ward’s We the People?

What subjects tie them coincidently and how does each exertion direct that subject?

Do you fancy the significance of Benny Andrews Flag Day is vague on scope?

Why would he license it that way? What does it direct?

Kerry James Marshall talks about his use of the sombre ebon figures and how he wanted to ‘reclaim the copy of ebonness as an type of power’.

What does he medium by that?

Do you fancy he succeeds?  Why?  Use a favoring illustration.

What connections do you see betwixt the exertion of Wendy Red Star and Kerry James Marshall?