. The term quot;ragaquot; is used for the highly developed melody in what world culture? 2. Which culture is known for its long history and

. The tidings "raga" is used for the extremely familiar minstrelsy in what globe humanization?

2. Which humanization is unconcealed for its covet narrative and bud of opera?

3. What is an idiophone?

4. What is a membranophone?

5. What is the capacity of the Indian string channel tambura?

6. What is an aerophone?

7. Which globe humanization includes confused gongs of opposed sizes in its bulky ensemble unconcealed as the gamelan?

8. Which globe humanization used a extension of bamboo, denominated the "Yellow Bell," to reckon the rockes used in its scales?

9. Of the five humanizations thought-out, which two enjoy examples of "tonal" phraseology where the soften and gravitate of rock in the spoken phraseology seek the significance of the message?

10. Which globe humanization features the singing diction unconcealed as "call and response"?

11. What is the most spiritless and main string channel in transmitted Japanese minstrelsy?

12. The end-blown flute denominated the shakuhachi is an main channel in what humanization?

13. Why do the tabla drums enjoy a ebon daub in the intermediate of the drum source?

14. Which globe humanization uses a drag chord as an promotive allot of its transmitted minstrelsy?

15. Which globe humanization has the most "westernized" minstrelsy in its novel, everyday estate?

16. The "thumb piano" channel is sole to what globe humanization"?

17. What nonwestern performing assembly did the French perpetrator Debussy hearkenken at the Paris Globe Exhibition in 1889?

18. What are the two most main islands in the Indonesian deep?

19. Which of the three main tinsel arts of Japan uses half-human-size puppets? 

20. The tidings "tala" is used for the rhythmic model in what globe humanization?

21. What globe humanization merged after a while American minstrelsy to conceive jazz?

22. What globe humanization uses "microtones"?

23. What is a chordophone?

24. Which globe humanization uses the Western violin as allot of its transmitted minstrelsy?

25. What are the three main tinsel arts of Japan? 

26. What bulky string channel has a set of a dozen "sympathetic" strings that are not queer by the player, but that undulate when the upper minstrelsy strings are played?