Please watch and listen to the tone poem quot;Also Sprach Zarathustraquot; by conductor Gustavo Dudamel and Berlin Philharmonic.

Please wake and give-ear to the temper strain "Also Sprach Zarathustra" by regulator Gustavo Dudamel and Berlin Philharmonic.

Describe each of the harmonious components in retort to this constituent. Read the apt portion and decided the digest of components of melody and use diction that describes each matchless component of melody.

Below are examples:

1. Rhythm - sign of meter, time/meter attestation, syncopation, etc

2. Melody - whether based on superior, unimportant, chromatic layer, stepwise motion or leaps, etc

3. Harmony - Consonance , Dissonance, etc

4. Color (Timbre) - Men and Women's articulation, Instruments, Dynamics, etc

5. Texture - Monophony, Homophony, Polyphony

A couple of imperfect sentences as a retort content.

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