Part of a detail-level business architecture definition requires that various types of diagrams must be developed using a standardized modeling notation to capture and represent the various views of a

Part of a detail-level duty edifice determination requires that sundry types of diagrams must be open using a plummetized moulding notation to stop and indicate the sundry views of a duty edifice. The plummet notation used today for system, structure, and location moulding is BPMN 2.x.

To ad for this Assignment, elect a BPMN instrument. Select either a affliction account of a closed-source, wholesale BPMN instrument listed on the BPMN Forum Tools page, or invest one of the open-source instruments or plug-ins listed.

In this Assignment, transcribe a 4- to 6-page tractate that addresses the following:

  1. Analyze and scheme duty edifice artifacts for the Adopt-A-Farm potential duty based on your moulds and blueprints in the anterior units. Use the BPMN instrument you clarified to beget system maps and other duty edifice moulding artifacts specifically for Adopt-A-Farm. Verify that the sundry diagrams you educe are consonant after a while one another, after a while the solutions submitted in anterior units, and meditate the personal excerption and use of a mainstream edifice moulding instrument.
  2. Explain your precious of incontrovertible BPMN notations aggravate others as it relates to Adopt-A-Farm.
  3. Explain how the mould aligns after a while the regard edifice you open anteriorly.
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