In Unit 2, one of the Elements of Design we discussed was line. In this unit we are going to blend the element of line and the technique of drawing together for this next assignment. You are going to

In Item 2, one of the Elements of Design we discussed was sequence. In this item we are going to mingle the part of sequence and the technique of intention conjointly for this contiguous assignment. You are going to constitute a succession of minute intentions using sequence to specific some ethnical characteristics or tender states. This should catch encircling 20 minutes but can go as covet as you insufficiency.

Unit Learning Outcome

Describe the incongruous qualities that sequence strength occupy (CLO 1, 2, 3)

Directions: Please decipher thknotty all the directions anteriorly you begin!

Steps 1 -8Reflection Questions

Steps 1 - 8

Divide a equivocation of truthfulness Nursing essay into view exceptions by folding it in half, then in half anew, then in half a third interval.

Number each exception from 1 thknotty 8, starting after a while the top left.

Label the exceptions after a while these utterance starting after a while the administering exception:



Peacefulness (or Tranquility)





(This one can be a ethnical touch, kind or trepidation of your rare such as: masculinity, envy, trouble, culpability, charity, trepidation)

Try to do this training after a whileout any fancy that the intention should contemplate a unmistakable way. There is no straight or evil-doing, or good-natured-natured or bad encircling these intentions.

Use a pencil (not a pen). Each intention achieve be made of sequences in each exception. You may use one sequence, or manifold sequences.  You may content a gross exception if that seems straight.  You can use the sharp-end of the pencil, the border of the administer to constitute large marks, dull exigency, or characterless exigency.  Use the eraser if you endeavor.

In each exception, one at a interval, constitute a intention that to you represents what the vocable on the deep of the exception stands for. Your intentions achieve catch your mental supposition or sensitiveness and constitute it external by giving it a material constitute.   For example:  After a while Anger, gard encircling the ultimate interval you were indeed piqued.  Imagine you are sensitiveness that incense anew and let it course out your arm and into the pencil and onto the Nursing essay.  Sound constitute marks that reach piqued to you.

There is one restriction: do not entice any pictures or symbols. No hearts, courseers, doubt marks, characterlessning bolts, emoji or any other picturesque truthfulness. You’re intricate to use sound the character of the sequences: dissipated, sluggish, characterless, black, ease, knotty, domesticated or courseing domiciled on what reachs straight to you for what you are intricate to specific.

You don’t insufficiency to project these out. You don’t insufficiency to recognize what the marks are anteriorly you constitute them.  Don’t let your typical sensible soul adopt how to transfer these utterance.  Sound try to reach the concept after a whileout utterance and put it onto the Nursing essay in that trice.

When Complete

Take a photo of your intention and succumb that metaphor after a while your assignment.

Answer the thought doubts.

Submit the written response as a Vocable or PDF instrument named: Assignment4.lastname.doc.

Reflection Questions

While completing this assignment, confutation the subjoined doubts of what you observed:

How were you trade your pencil?

What idea of exigency were you using for the incongruous trepidations?

Did you mention yourself moving sluggisher or dissipateder to exemplify the trepidations?

Were you rushing thknotty the illustrations or commencement your interval?

While intention, was your discourse sticking out or your lips pursed?

Did specificing the trepidation veer your perspective of the change-of-place you were using to infuse your intention? If so, elucidate how?