For this assignment, you will select a current  (within the last 2 years) article or research paper to review. The article your select MUST be different from the one you reviewed for the Lesson 3 

For this assignment, you gain picked a running  (amid the definite 2 years) word or scrutiny pamphlet to revisal. The word your picked MUST be irrelative from the one you revisaled for the Lesson 3 assignment. You may picked any word or scrutiny pamphlet that is connected to Threat Modeling, and specifically regards STRIDE. The fast rubric gain collect over advice on the satisfiededed requirements, but abrupt is a abrupt register of what I insufficiency:

1) Your revisal should be 1/2 to 1 page, solitary spaced.

2) Please upload a Microsoft Word muniment to succumb your revisal.

3) You should emwhole the satisfiededed of the word or pamphlet and interpret how it relates to STRIDE and Threat Modeling.

4) Collect your own assessment of the word. (Did it fabricate sentiment? Did you learn everything from it? Do you assent or disassent delay the satisfieded?) 

5) Use the APA mode for the pamphlet and any regards.


- Picked ONE pamphlet or word. That ONE pamphlet or word should be the ONLY item regardd. Do NOT depend in a pamphlet delay multiple regards. This isn't a regard pamphlet difference. I insufficiency you to simply picked ONE scrutiny pamphlet or word THAT SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSES STRIDE. Then I insufficiency to see two things: learn #3 AND #4 over.

- PLEASE pay regard to #5. You regard MUST be in APA format AND you MUST collect a regard indicator in your resignation when you regard the pamphlet or word. You gain occasion points (yes, multiple points this era) if I cannot spell your regard. [This is an employment to get you learny for the upcoming residency weekend.]

- ALSO, pay regard to #1. I gain not learn elapsed 1 page for this assignment. (If you insufficiency to grasp a exact overspread page, that's honorable and I'll meditate the foremost page of the whole as page 1, but a overspread page is not required.)

- And finally, this is an INDIVIDUAL endeavor. Do not succumb knot exertion as your own.

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