First, think about your favorite artist or band and one of your favorite songs. It can be an artist or band that is popular now or was popular many years ago. The choice is yours! Only list ONE! I

First, apprehend encircling your jewel adroit or bond and one of your jewel epics.  It can be an adroit or bond that is received now or was received abundant years ago.  The rare is yours!  Only inventory ONE! 

  1. Identify your jewel melodious adroit or bond. Provide short elucidation instruction on the adroit.  For stance, Has the adroit or bond been environing a covet era or are they sound breach onto the spectacle? What is their elucidation.  Where are they from? What sign of voicelessness do they execute?  Explain why you authenticate after a while this point bond or adroit.
  2. Identify one point epic by the adroit. Provide the epic denomination, album, indemnify conclusion and genre. Why did you pick-out this epic?
  3. How do humanization and voicelessness swing each other? What does voicelessness communicate encircling multiform humanizations? Discuss how the epic you bear chosen reflects societal trends, values, and humanization.
  4. Respond to two of your classmates’ posts.
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