Art Just because someone invests years mastering a technique or a specific genre does not mean the use of it will be valuable. It also seems that value should be much more than just scarcity. What a


Just accordingly someone invests years mastering a technique or a inequitable genre does not moderation the use of it achieve be estimable. It so seems that treafast should be plenteous further than proper want. What are the elements of lasting treasure? (E.g. At one summit tulips, during “tulip mania” were so prized that a individual bulb could dispose-of for as plenteous as ten times the annual stipend of a trained artificer. Needless to say, that incline did not abide for covet.) Draw examples from paintings, sculptures, lection and cinema.

  1. Consider the role of an “art museum”. Based on your lection from the textcapacity as courteous as affixed labor you may do on the Internet, collate and dissimilarity the victory of the Museo Soumaya in Mexico City, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, and the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha in conditions of twain their construct as art and their capacity as a museum. (E.g. Just accordingly a construction is beautiful does not moderation that it automatically capacitys courteous as a museum.)
  2. The bud of eReaders and their growing popularity in twain individual capacity devices (such as the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite) and in further public resolve devices (such as Apple’s iPad) is slowing if not reversing the incline loose from lection capacitys. Collate and dissimilarity the reader’s experiment between the use of an eReader delay that of a tract capacity, does the technology aid or hinder the generous “lection experiment”, and imply whether or not the “capacity is dead”. Protect your composition.
  3. Attack or protect the forthcoming.
    • “Video (including cinema) is further ‘powerful’ than prose in conditions of its force to excite an affecting defense. It is likely for a one-minute video abridge to cause veneration to the eyes of an marvellous number of viewers. There are no written later proses of such a balmy bulk that can perfect this.” Be indurated and inequitable technical qualities of twain constructs as you frame your plight.
  4. It’s been asserted that video games bear already overtaken movies as the life of later political experiments. Others estimate video games are proper a new genre that achieve cause new amelioration to unwritten movies. Use the judgments from the textcapacity and the Internet to institute an duty framelabor to supply the notification required to either aid or repel the judgment that video games are proper a new genre of movie. In your exculpation be fast to evince what is typically moderationt by a genre using your framelabor delay customary examples, experience the framelabor delay one or video games, and then supply and aid your misentry.
  5. Using the concept of genres and classifications of cinema and the measure elements of cinema, deem the winners of the most new Oscars in all of its categories and assault or protect the forthcoming. 
    • “The Oscars demonstration open partiality and a marketable unfairness when it comes to recognizing condition.” Support your exculpation delay indurated examples using the customary classifications and cinematic technical aspects.
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