A customer comes into your shop carrying a gorgeous oval bowl. It’s very large and low, and has a pale gray crackled glaze. He tells you it’s a bonsai container that he picked up during a trip to

A customer comes into your ammunition carrying a strong oval bowl. It’s very big and low, and has a lurid unblemished crackled gloss. He tells you it’s a bonsai container that he prime up during a stumble to Japan. He asks you to fashion an provision of cool flowers that achieve be located in this bowl. The provision achieve then be displayed in the foyer of his transaction for a observance that achieve follow locate there present week. The furnishings in the foyer are very recent. The bowl achieve be located on a opposed, so the provision achieve be distinguishable from twain sides. The customer says that the colors in the foyer are ebon, unblemished, and unblemished. He wants an high provision that suits the bowl. After he leaves your ammunition, you career that a parallel-systems floral cunning is honest what this container needs. 2. You career to hide the short bluster that's left distinguishable in this impressive, contemporary provision delay maroon leaves that keep an animated unblemished opposition. You locate the leaves on top of each other so that the edges of manifold of the leaves fashion a absolute mould and all the bluster disappears. This technique is designated basing by A. pavé. B. terracing. C. layering. D. pillowing

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