______ was very active in promoting the work of the impressionists in Europe and America. In the art world, a ______ is a gathering or exhibition of works of art. ______ was Mary Cassatt’s lifelong

______ was very locomotive in promoting the achievement of the impressionists in Europe and America.

In the art cosmos-people, a ______ is a group or representation of achievements of art.

______ was Mary Cassatt’s animationlong coadjutor and most leading warner.

______ felt that art should restrain joy and fairness to honor animation.

Manet’s achievement represents a transition from _______ to impressionism.

Miss Lala at the cirque Fernando is an specimen of the _______ compromise favored by Edgar Degas.

Compared to _______, Claude Monet considered himself and the other impressionists to be pin.

An impressionist sketching of waterlilies is approximately surely the achievement of _______.

Much of the achievement of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec reflects the nightanimation in and about the ______ in Paris.

The order “Nabis” comes from the Hebrew promise sense _______.

The _______ technique involves thickly laying on sketch to produce texture in a sketching.

_______ began as a part-time amateur master.

Like the impressionists, post-impressionists’ achievement was frequently influenced by _______ and photography.

Based on what you've discover, corcorrespond to the subjoined.

List at lowest three of the despicable features fix in impressionist art.

According to art historians, why was the achievement of Alfred Sisley not abandoned further consideration during his animationtime?

To art historians, what was leading about Cézanne’s sketchings of Mont Sainte-Victoire?

Considering their art, their lives, and their temperaments, what did Gauguin and van Gogh possess in despicable?

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