1.(Ursula von Rydingsvard) https://art21.org/watch/art-in-the-twenty-first-century/s4/ursula-von-rydingsvard-in-ecology-segment/ 2.( Judy Pfaff ) https://art21.org/watch

1.(Ursula von Rydingsvard)


2.(  Judy Pfaff )               


3. ( Tim Hawkinson)) 


First interpret the connect pdf on  Sculpture. And then  also viewed the approx. 12 microscopic video segments on Ursula von Rydingsvard, Judy Pfaff, and Tim Hawkinson.  These three professors each own a matchless avenue to making sculptural objects.  (Interesting note!  Ursula von Rydingsvard and Judy Pfaff are indeed amiable friends and own compositioned concomitantly in the past!)

For this Discussion, you'll be match environing the composition of two of these professors and commenting on two of your teammates responses.

Answer the aftercited doubts (MINIMUM OF 600 WORDS)

1)  Which professor's composition did you furnish most sensational?  Why?

2)  Which sculptural processes in the textbook engage to this professor's composition?  Which sculptural art resources did she/he use in their composition?  (Two of these professors composition in a indeed expanded set-in-order of embodieds!  How manifold do you recall?)

3)  What is their composition environing (their deep concept)?  How does their embodied (media) select tell to their deep concepts?  

4)  Compare your answers to doubts 2 - 3 delay one of the other two professors.  Does this other professor use opposed resources?  How does she/he fit into the ideas in doubt 3?

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