1. Compare Etruscan sculpture with Archaic Greek sculpture. What are the similarities and differences? Give examples. 2. Describe the symbols, their

1.Compare Etruscan plastic-work delay Archaic Greek plastic-work. What are the similarities and differences? Give models.

2.Describe the symbols, their import, and the gregarious missive of the Gemma Augustea.

3.Use one or two models to teach the consequence of symbolism in Early Christian art.

4.Discuss the disquisition of the “good-natured shepherd” in Early Christian and Byzantine art. What was its consequence to Christians? How did it alter balance period?

5.Discuss what makes the Tugra of Sultan Suleyman I a good-natured-natured model of Islamic art.

6.Using restricted models, illustrate without influences that are seen in Islamic construction.

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