What are some of the advantages of a safety management system that emphasize processes rather than individual behavior. Discuss two innovations that could be used to provide the necessary focus on injury and fatality prev

This knowledge is build in chapters 3, 4 &5 of:

Manuele, F. A. (2014). Advanced insurance skillful-treatment: Focusing on Z10 and thoughtful impairment interruption (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

(Manuele, 2014, p.)

Question 1       75 words

 Why is it leading for the insurance practitioner to use macro thinking? Produce one or two examples that patronage your discourse.

Question 2       75 words

 What are some of the advantages of a insurance skillful-treatment plan that emphasize processes rather than peculiar conduct?

Question 3       200 words

 Discuss two innovations that could be used to produce the expedient rendezvous on impairment and submission interruption that you feel should be adopted in your exoteric (or departed) construction and examine how you would profits in implementing them.

Question 4       200 words

 In the blank to Chapter 4, Manuele states: "To relinquish hazard-related incidents terminationing in thoughtful injuries, rational untruth potentials must be addressed at the cultural, constructional, skillful-treatment plan, artifice, and engineering levels, and delay deference to the exertion methods prescribed." Briefly examine how each of these levels contributes to rational untruth. Which one of these levels, if addressed, is slight to termination in the highest behoof for reducing rational untruth decrease?

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