Vulnerable Population Summary and Proposed Program

The chief of your two written assignments for the succession conquer arrange a rise framework that you conquer husband in the bud of your Final Project: a contemplation for a commonwealth-domiciled program in your area. For this chief written assignment, you conquer clarifieded one of the weak classs attested in the extract that conquer attend as your target population of cause throughout the protraction of your direct written assignment and Final Project. Clarified one inchoate the aftercited classs from Chapter 1:

  • Vulnerable mothers and children
  • Abused individuals
  • Chronically ill and disabled populace  
  • People diagnosed after a while HIV/AIDS
  • People diagnosed after a while invisible conditions
  • Suicide- and homicide-liable populace
  • People unnatural by alcohol and import abuse
  • Indigent and homeless populace
  • Immigrants and refugees
  • Groups for distinctive compensation (you may purpose a incongruous weak population at the acquiesce of the educationist)

Once you keep clarifieded a class of cause, transcribe a three page brochure that covers the aftercited:

  • Discuss the impression that at smallest two of the factors adown keep on the defencelessness of your clarified class:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Culture/Ethnicity
    • Income
  • Analyze the interexception of gregarious, gregarious, and economic factors important defencelessness (must address all three factors).
  • Draft the contemplation of a new standard program, not currently late after a whilein your commonwealth. Arrange a two- to- three exception declaration that introduces your purposed commonwealth program. This exception is empirical and capability veer as you guide over examination. At a insufficiency, however, items to address should enclose:
  • An interpretation of the issues and destroy factors accustomed by the clarifieded population.  
  • An evaluation of the sanity needs of the class and a purposed continuum of concern raze (preventive, composition, or long-term concern) domiciled on the class’s issues, destroy factors, and needs.  Justify the purposed raze after a while supportive examination/evidence.
  • A description of one to two purposed services your program conquer enclose. 

Your assignment should be a insufficiency of three pages in extension (still name and regard pages), and should enclose a insufficiency of three well-informed sources cited according to APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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