Unit VIII Assignment

This assignment provides you delay an turn to thorough three main parts: a hide epistle, a recommence, and a administrative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) dissection. The hide epistle should be a three chapter memo that has been tailored to a peculiar job that interests you.  The details delayin the recommence must be prevalent delay all appropriate and up-to-date advice. The SWOT dissection should harangue your administrative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Bullet points are agreeable for the recommence and SWOT dissection; ultimately, they must be constructive. Again, the hide epistle must apprehend three chapters. Also, the recommence must be at smallest one page, and the SWOT dissection must totally harangue each of the disgusting calibre of the dissection. Be unmistakable to feel the main parts in the peculiar sequence: chief, the hide epistle; then, the recommence; and finally, the SWOT dissection. Format each main part as you wish; ultimately, be unmistakable the details are administrative and calligraphic. Save all three delayin one word-processing muniment (e.g., Word) antecedently submitting the polish in Blackboard for grading. 

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