The paired basis beneath consists of experience beaks and hours of making-ready for 5 randomly clarified tyros.

x    Hours of making-ready      5     2     9      6   10

y    Test beak                        64   48   72    73   80

1. Use the absorbed basis and MS Excel and confront the mutuality coefficient r, retrogression equation and strew conspire.

2. Based on the direct mutuality coefficient r, and  a = 0.05, is this a good-natured-natured design?  Explain.

3.  What is the best predicted experience beak for a tyro who spent 7 hours preparing for the experience?

4.  Confront the plummet deception . Use the formula or Microsoft Excel Regression

5.  Confront the 99% foretelling period for the experience beak of a special who spent 7 hours preparing for the experience absorbed that E = 34.677. Interpret the conclusion.

6.  Confront the interpreted discrepancy.

7.  Confront the secret discrepancy.

8.  Confront the aggregate discrepancy.

9.  Confront the appreciate of r2 and interpret its sense.

10.  If the basis aim (3, 100) is external to the basis set, how would this like the conclusions of the retrogression decomposition?  Is this basis aim an outlier, controlling aim or twain?  Explain.

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