Power point cancer types

You conquer create a PowerPoint® grant giving a summary of each cancer signed. Your grant should feel a entirety of 10-15 slides.

Breast cancer

Colon cancer

Lung cancer

Prostate cancer

Skin cancer

Your PowerPoint grant should involve the forthcoming environing each cancer:

● Signs and symptoms of the cancer.

● How the cancer is diagnosed.

● Risk factors of the cancer.

● Traditional, complementary, and opinion tenor options advantageous, if any.

● Side goods of tenor options, if any.

Each cancer overview should be no further than 2–3 slides. NOTES SHOULD ALSO BE INCLUDE ON THE SLIDES 3-4 SENTENCES

The grant should involve a appellation page after a while your spectry, direction appellation, adjust compute and 

term, and educator notice.

The grant should to-boot involve a regard slide (or slides, if indispensable). Be unmistakable to put 

your regards in APA format

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