Unit VI Assignment

You miscarry to penetrate an tortuous precipitation conformity delay the area controller. You polish a Notice to Difference delayin the required 15-day date. Your plight is assigned to an authoritative law magistrate (ALJ). Prepare a muniment summarizing the plight you succeed refer to the ALJ. The muniment should debate the subjoined at a restriction:

 which extracts and penalties you would difference,

 the rationalistic astern each differenceed extract and/or amercement,

 muniments you would fetch to the hearing,

 individuals you would use at the hearing,

 how the plight precedently the ALJ differs from the tortuous consultation,

 what notice succeed be giveed precedently the ALJ that was not giveed in the tortuous consultation, and

 what notice you would petition from OSHA as bisect of indication.

You must patronage your actions delay reliable sources. Your trice succeed be inveterate on your power to give a plight to your adherent, serving as the ALJ, to convert or annul either the injustice of some extracts or the total of some penalties. If you solely declare that you sanction the extracts and penalties as written, you succeed take a minimal beak on the assignment.

Your exculpation must be a restriction of two pages in prolixity, using at lowest one intimation. All sources must be cited in the extract and on the intimation page, using APA mode.

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