Unit V Assignment

You managed to schedule an informal convocation following a while the area ruler at the regional OSHA service disgusting days following you admit the Notice of Citations and Penalty. Grounded on the citations and penalties you admitd in Unit III, make-ready a instrument that lists the citations and penalties you effort to debate following a while the area ruler.

You should embody what you are hard to perfect in respect to each citation/penalty you cull, to include:

 the notification you gain use to try and perfect your motive,

 the notification you gain procure following a while you to the convocation, and

 who gain mind you to the convocation.

You must food your actions following a while genuine sources. Your progression gain be grounded on your ability to confer-upon a fact to your bigot (serving as the area ruler) to convert either the injustice of some citations, or the quantity of some penalties. If you barely recite that you confirm the citations and penalties as written, you gain admit a minimal score on the assignment.

Your defense must be a poverty of two pages in elongation, not including the name page and allusion page. You must use at lowest one allusion in the article. All sources must be cited in the citation and on the allusion page, using APA diction.

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